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Apparel India

Brandix India Apparel City (BIAC) is a 1000 acre, state-of-the-art, apparel-specific industrial park located in Visakhapatnam (Vizag), India. Based on an innovative "Fiber to Store" concept, it's verticality will include Spinning, Fabric Manufacturing, Apparel Production, Accessories, Finishing to Warehousing and Logistics.

The Park's integrated support services will include advanced ITC solutions, banks, recreational facilities,, restaurants, fully fledged commercial complex consisting of supermarkets etc., medical facilities with emergency services, security, hotels, residential facilities etc. Blending cutting edge technology with comprehensive social infrastructure, it is an ideal investment environment for both growth and success.

BIAC's promoters include Brandix (Sri Lanka), Brandot (Martin Trust - USA), Compagnie Mauricienne de Textiles (Mauritius), the Galleon Fund (USA), Pioneer Elastics (Hong Kong) and Quantum Clothing (United Kingdom). BIAC is the only apparel-specific vertically integrated park to receive Special Economic Zone (SEZ) approval from the government of India and one of the few to receive SEZ status in general.

Ocean India, backed by Fountain Set Holding Limited of Hong Kong, one of the world's largest knit fabric manufacturers in the world has already commenced construction of its 400,000 sq.ft. building which is scheduled to commence production in December 2008. When fully operational, Ocean India is expected to produce 45 metric tons of fabric a day. A number of accessory manufacturers and embellishers have also made firm commitments to BIAC.


As a fully fledged Special Economic Zone, BIAC offers the following benefits to its partners:

Fiscal Benefits at BIAC SEZ

  • BIAC is a designated duty free enclave and enjoys foreign territory status for trade operations, duties and tariffs
  • Exemption of duty for the import/procurement of goods for the development, operation and maintenance of SEZ units.
  • Exemption of duty, cess and taxes for the import/procurement of goods from the domestic tariff area
  • Exemption from service tax including central service tax
  • Exemption from minimum tax
  • Units receive 100% income tax exemption for the first five years of operation, 50% income tax exemption for the next five years and an additional 50% income tax exemption for the next five years upon re-investment of profits to the unit
  • Exemption from customs duty on import of capital goods, raw materials, consumables, office equipment and other such items that maybe required for setting up, operations and maintenance of SEZ units
  • BIAC SEZ is designated as a duty-free enclave and treated as a foreign territory for trade operations, duties and tariffs.
  • The units benefit from 100% full and free FDI repatriation of export proceeds, dividends, etc.
  • Sales from a Domestic Tariff Area [DTA] to BIAC SEZ and units within the SEZ are considered exports.
  • Units are free to sub-contract including sub-contracting abroad
  • BIAC has been granted public utility status which means that wild-cat strikes are deemed illegal
  • Unlimited sales to the Domestic Tariff Areas [DTA] are permitted provided duty is paid by the manufacturing unit
  • Units could dispose of rejects and/or scrap material in the domestic market on payment of duty.
  • No restriction on sales to the domestic market provided the unit should be a net foreign exchange earner (exports are greater than domestic sales)
  • Availability of government training subsidy


Single Window Clearance

Brandix India Apparel City has centrally located customs and related government officials, thus providing efficient solutions to dealing with multiple government agencies. Administrative needs such as company formation, obtaining licenses, manpower needs including training, financial and legal advice etc. are all facilitated by a single point of contact.


World Class Infrastructure

1. Roads

  • Four lane primary roads with pedestrian walkways, service corridors, parking bays and bus stops
  • Two lane secondary roads with pedestrian walkways, service corridors parking  bays and bus stops
  • Outer-ring (perimeter)  service roads
  • All roads will have street lighting and landscaping along with avenue plantation

2. Power Supply

  • 200MW dedicated power sub-station
  • Power will be drawn from different sources (220KV, 132KV, & 33KV) to minimise interruptions
  • The substation will step down power to 33 KV prior to distribution

3.  Water Supply Yeleru Canal which draws water from the perennial Godavari River is the primary source of water to Brandix India Apparel City

  • BIAC will provide 60 million litres of water  each day to its supply chain partners
  • River water is treated to WHO drinking standards prior to distribution to the units (which eliminates the requirement for individual treatment units)
  • 30 million litre treated water reservoir, 60 million litre capacity water treatment plant and two treated water storage towers with 1 million litre capacity each, will assure 24 hour uninterrupted water supply to the units
  • BIAC has also built a 400 million litre rain water harvesting pond


Waste Water Management

  • BIAC will provide 54 million litre centralised effluent treatment plant (CETP). 
  • Marine outfall facilities to dispose of treated water (monitored by the Government of India)
  • Two  125 million litre (total of 250 million litres) effluent water guard ponds to ensure that the treated water meets strict environmental safety standards prior to discharge
  • The individual units do not have to pre-treat water resulting in a huge reduction in investment and operating costs to our partners



Port : BIAC is only 90 minutes from the Vizag port, one of India's largest which has been rated one of the top ports in the country. The Vizag Ports Authority has teamed up with Dubai Ports World to expand its existing modern container facility to be able to handle next generation vessels.

Airport+ : The Indian Airport Authority has tested and approved the new 10,000 foot runway at Vizag airport, enabling it to accommodate large wide-body aircraft and night operations.. Although currently it is a key domestic port, several international carriers are exploring the possibility of flying out of Vizag.

Road Connectivity : BIAC is only 15 km from National Highway 5 which links Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. Vizag's central location is 800 km from all three of these major commercial destinations.

Rail : BIAC is linked by a very good rail network with the closest major station being only 18km away.

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