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Brandix India Apparel City

Bringing together world class apparel chain partners from design to brands in flawless integration

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Brandix India Apparel City

Brandix India Apparel City (BIAC) is a revolutionary development in the apparel industry; a unique, integrated apparel supply chain city, managed by Brandix Lanka Ltd. Spread over 1000 acres in the port city of Visakhapatnam (or Vizag for short) in the eastern state of Andhra Pradesh, it brings alive an avant garde 'Fibre to Store' concept. BIAC will bring together world class apparel chain partners from the design table to consumer brands in flawless integration.


Brandix India

BIAC will bring together world class apparel chain partners from the design table to consumer brands in flawless integration...

Conceived and nurtured by Brandix, Sri Lanka's largest apparel exporter, BIAC highlights India's phenomenal synergies in the world of textiles. To leverage India's immense potential for economies of scale and other robust business fundamentals in its fast growing economy, Brandix brings 30 years of industry expertise and invites other world class experts to join its value chain to enjoy assured mutual benefits of investment.

The dynamics of the apparel market demands the key value propositions of speed to market, least cost, flexibility & assurance of compliance. BIAC is built on this premise. Its smooth flowing verticality will ensure minimum lead times, the most critical competitive factor.


Brandix India Apparel City is redefining and reshaping the apparel industry through world-class partnerships and entrepreneurial solutions.Les Wexner; Chairman and CEO, Limited Brands

The rationale for investment is compelling. Procedural ease and an array of inviting financial and operational incentives have been bolstered by the added advantages of BIAC's duty free status, which will further distill investor benefits. In addition to these, the greater efficiency in distribution and front end costs due to the single location of all value chain partners, a centralised logistics unit and a Just in Time process, will ensure optimum returns and make BIAC the most competitive price apparel location in the world.

Brandix India Brandix India

BIAC offers the total convenience of a fully fledged industrial city with modern infrastructure including 'Plug and Play' for immediate production. BIAC provides business partners with immediate access to all their requirements from sourcing to transportation. An internal single window clearance facility enables speedier documentation processing and authorisation from a single point. The city will enjoy world class facilities and conveniences such as a training institute, banks, recreational and township amenities and close proximity to key international gateways.


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