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Brandix Mercury Asia

Our Shared Services Centre

Brandix Mercury Asia

Evolution of Services

Brandix Mercury Asia is the Shared Services Centre of the Brandix Group of companies and was born out of a need to integrate and standardise finance and accounting (F&A) functions across the Group. It was a natural stage in the evolution of a leaner, more efficient operational hub leading to a strategic, efficient and cost-effective transformation which would help Brandix to deliver better value to SBUs, clients and other stakeholders.


the focus of these functions has been shifted from cluster-based to process-based


The new Mercury Centre eliminates duplication of F&A processes, thereby minimizing operational costs and consolidating fixed assets of the earlier separate finance departments strewn across the large group. In doing so, the focus of these functions has been shifted from cluster-based to process-based. By this key development, the focus on activities shifted from transaction processing to control and decision support.


Brandix Shared Services Centre receives ISO 9001:2008 certification. Find out more...


Inherent Strengths

A world class centre of operations in the business heart of Colombo is equipped with the necessary technology and tools to provide enhanced services to the Brandix Group and their clients worldwide. It forms the base from which our expertise will be deployed in providing F&A and Business Service solutions throughout the Group and provide improved competencies through the following contexts.


Customer : Embedded concept of internal and external customers with every process driven by a service level agreement

People : Experienced staff with process knowledge working to timeliness

Metrics : Metrics captured for services provided are used to measure performance against agreed service levels

Tech Enablement : Workflow implementation for tracking documents from scan to dispatch stage with integration across core systems to ensure alignment

Functional Excellence : Processes will adopt global best practices to drive process improvements that will constantly drive to achieve excellence

Value Addition : Move up the value chain to identify and implement opportunities to enhance revenue / reduce costs



Strategic Advantage

The integration of common functions within an organisation gives it several advantages, the most important of which is strategic, competitive edge. With the greater efficiency, reduced duplication, time and effort involved in processing, Brandix as a whole can benefit from the following.


  • Transformation to become strategic business partner
  • Services change focus to become business and customer centric
  • All customers receive consistently high business process expertise
  • Standardisation of F&A processes
  • Efficiencies released across organisation
  • Freed resources made available for re-investment in enhancing services
  • Shift of activity focus from transaction processing to decision support and control
  • Tech enablement delivered professionally
  • Centralised banking with more favourable interest terms
  • Transformation of cost base from approximately 3 percent to 1 percent of revenue
  • Integration of processes and opportunities contribute to organisation growth


Design for Success

Mercury executives deliver value to every building block of Brandix. We use performance metrics as parameters for measuring efficiency and effectiveness, especially of the timeliness, accuracy, and productivity of our services, enabling performance guarantees and ensuring greater accountability.In this way, these metrics are used to gauge the performance against agreed service standards to produce consistent excellence, in a built-in system of quality assurance.


Future Plans

To further build up the operations, Brandix Mercury Asia plans to service other functions of the Group too. By building this capability in Business Services, it plans to offer back office BPO services to clients and other companies looking to outsource such services.

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