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Corporate Governance is the foundation that enables our Group to achieve its corporate mission to maximize economic, environmental and social returns to stakeholders over the long term. Strong governance also ensures that our business activities meet local laws and regulations, and that the Group acts in accordance with professional and ethical standards in order to achieve sustained, healthy and long-term growth.

Our Governance framework integrates processes and structures implemented by the Board to inform, direct, manage, and monitor the activities of the organization toward the achievement of its objectives. We use the “Three Lines of Defense Model” in structuring Governance risk and control responsibilities across the business, with the Board of Directors being the ultimate authority providing oversight for each of the three lines of defense.

At the core of the Group’s Governance structure is a strong, effective and qualified Board of Directors, who are committed to maintaining rigorous Corporate Governance, sound internal controls and a structured Risk Management framework to earn the confidence of our employees, customers and the community


At Brandix, compliance is built into the heart of our day-to-day operations. Thus, monitoring of all compliance initiatives are measured by our Central Compliance Team. This team ensures that all environmental laws and regulations of every country Brandix operates in, are strictly conformed to.

Brandix factories in Sri Lanka have obtained the Environmental Protection License issued by the Central Environmental Authority (CEA), while factories in India have obtained Consent for Operation and Consent for Establishment issued by the Pollution Control Board – India. Our operations in Bangladesh have also obtained the Environment Clearance Certificate issued by the respective Department of Environment.

Galvanizing the company’s commitment to limiting operational impact on the environment is Brandix’s adoption of voluntary standards. This is underscored by Brandix EcoEye, the Brandix Group’s energy management programme developed in line with ISO 50001 – Energy Management Standard; and the Group Carbon Footprint Calculation Process - built in accordance to the GHG Protocol, the internationally recognized benchmark for accounting and reporting on greenhouse gas emissions.

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