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Our Products & Solutions
  • We possess nearly 50 years of experience in Apparel manufacturing in Sri Lanka, providing solutions to renowned brands across the world.
  • Our vision to be THE inspired solution for branded clothing is a journey that we work towards with passion, integrity and determination, day after day.
  • Our products and solutions are a distinct reflection of who we are. They represent our Value Propositions of:
Phenomenal products
Faster than anyone
Flawless Execution
Optimal Pricing
Intimate service
  • Our solutions are backed by:
    • A vertically integrated supply chain
    • An expanding global network of manufacturing and operating locations
    • An inspired employee base and sound infrastructure
    • Expertise in product innovation
    • Extensive research and development capabilities
    • Functionality integrated with aesthetics
    • Acute product development intuition and forecasting capabilities
    • Flexibility to craft, customize and offer solutions that meet distinct needs
  • We have delivered millions of garments to our customers and are today, engrained as a leader in the Apparel manufacturing arena in Sri Lanka and across the world

Our Product Categories




Sleep and Loungewear

  • Category portfolio includes sportswear such as leggings, sports bras and activewear including t-shirts and shorts
  • Balances sporty authenticity and innovation & design play a pivotal role in the product’s fabric-to-store lifecycle
  • The Brandix Activewear category is managed through InQube, a venture of Brandix that offers perceptively designed performance wear, intimate wear and engineered knit solutions
  • The category portfolio includes woven bottoms, pyjama pants, jean jackets and colored jeans
  • Adept at keeping stride with customer expectations
  • Inaugural business category of the Brandix Group spanning over 40 years
  • Extensive expertise in design, product development, washing and finishing stages
  • Offers sustainable finishes in line with the commitment to integrate sustainability into our operations
  • Category portfolio includes lingerie and men’s & women's underwear
  • An integral component of the Brandix business
  • Pioneers in a speed model solution that surpass the delivery capabilities of any supplier in the global apparel arena
  • Backed by strong innovation and design capabilities, agile capacity and a commitment to always be ‘faster than anyone else’
  • From fibre to store, from raw material to fine finishing – our vertical capabilities give clientele the freedom to push boundaries
  • Strong capability to adapt to varying customer requirements revolving around seasonality and evolving fashion trends through carefully crafted, powerful speed models to meet the desired timelines
  • Ability to identify pain points of customers and create a synergy between the supply chain network and production strengths
  • Offers an Integrated Sourcing Model (ISM), that provides the total supply chain solution, inclusive of inventory management and sales buy projection
  • Continued investments into our manufacturing infrastructure and leveraging synergies across the global network to combine design and technology
  • Category portfolio focuses on nightwear - flannels, pyjamas, light robes and boxers, as well as loungewear such as yoga pants, hoodies, leggings, and t-shirts
  • Balances sporty authenticity and innovation & design play a pivotal role in the product’s fabric-to-store lifecycle. The garments, both knit and woven silhouette, benefit from our emphasis on innovation at every stage, as well as in our speed-to-market solutions
  • Exudes a strong collaboration between design aesthetic and technology at optimal pricing
  • Combines essential elements like comfort, sleek and light feel, and intricate detailing
  • Established dye and embellishment capabilities