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At Brandix we aim to constantly inspire our staff - an organization is after all a sum of the people it employs.

Pushpalatha story
In a life full of uncertainty, the flame of hope burns on - this is Renuka's Story

When her husband became totally paralysed in 2002 and placed in Intensive Care at the Ragama Hospital for 3 months, it was all Mrs Pushpalatha could do to hold her family together. With the greatest of difficulty she managed to send her children to school and care for her husband. After being discharged from hospital, although still completely paralysed, he returned to the simple hut which was home and his loving family.

More misfortune befell the family when a wall of their hut collapsed. Mrs Pushpalatha managed to buy a plot of land close to the facility where she worked and build a new home with 2 rooms. As her husband's conditioned gradually improved, he started to help the family. Brandix stepped in to construct a well for the family. The family fortunes continued to improve as the eldest son passed his O Levels exams and began working at a fuel station. The other four children are continuing to study. In the face of so much adversity, brave Mrs Pushpalatha managed to face her difficulties while working at Brandix. Her hopes are to continue to do so and that two of her children will join the Group in the future.


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Lalitha Dissanayaka

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