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At Brandix we aim to constantly inspire our staff - an organization is after all a sum of the people it employs.

Training and Development

As a 'preferred employer' in Sri Lanka, we understand the importance of acquiring a talent pool with the desired skill sets to keep us at the forefront of our industry. In the fast changing industry of apparel, expertise and aptitudes must necessarily be in a state of flux to stay at the cutting edge. To this end, Brandix Training and Development constantly develops its broad purview of skills and talent development programmes at various levels.


To optimise our management resources, we run multiple programmes for executive level cadres. Exceptional qualities and skills that match our demanding criteria are nurtured for grooming of future leaders.

Examples of these programmes are:

  • Emerging Leaders: This foundation programme hones leadership qualities in our executives to build the leadership pipeline of Brandix. Prime candidates are selected from the horizon talent list of identified Associates and groomed to take leadership positions in the future.
  • CELEMI Livon: The objective and overriding challenge in this board-based CELEMI simulation is to build and retain a profitable customer base. To be successful, you need a strong market position and the ability to defend it. The exercises build strong competencies in marketing.
  • Key Account Management: A workshop aimed at developing a multi-skilled, multi-task driven approach to 'Partnership Selling' for organisations and people who need to fiercely protect their businesses with existing customers.


In the fast changing industry of apparel, expertise and aptitudes must necessarily be in a state of flux to stay at the cutting edge.

For our people who implement our innovative strategies on the shop floor, we conduct many programmes to encourage latent abilities and impart new ones. Individual potential is realised through the resulting improved skill and mind sets through programmes such as the following :

  • Overseas Study Missions: A programme of investment in 13 Associates (Managers, Supervisors and Machine Operators) for training at carefully selected factories in Bangladesh and China. These Associates will study the various production processes, to enhance their skills and gain further insight into improved methodologies and process efficiencies. A further batch of 7 Associates will be sent to Vietnam towards the end of August under this programme.
  • Soft Skills Training: These training programmes cover Leadership, Motivation and Counselling. They are skills which complement 'hard skills', developing the more human proficiencies of Associates to full potential.
  • Various Production Related Training: Training is provided for Quality Control, Pattern Making, Gerber Cutting and Work Study etc. to keep Associates abreast with the latest techniques.